Frequently asked question

Is DELTA IF a registered company?

Yes, our company is registered in the United Kingdom under the number 100026077


It is a company dedicated to the management of investments in foreign exchange, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

How are profits generated for investors?

Through our system of investment and profit´s administration it is possible to generate up to 200% profit every month. that is distributed correspondingly for each investor according to his package.

How often can I withdraw my money?

Withdrawals of investment earnings can be made EVERYDAY, and will be processed in less than 6 hours. Also the profits generated by the direct reference bonus can be withdrawn EVERYDAY and processed within a maximum period of 12 hours.

What is the "maturation + 10%” special bonus?

The maturity bonus consists in an extra 10% earning for the investor who decides to keep 100% of his investment and the profits generated until the finish of their investment package. This means, if the total profit of your investment is 200%, if the investor decides to take advantage of the maturation bonus and does not request withdrawals, his profit will increase to 210%.

How long does the packages last until receive the "maturation + 10%" special bonus?

The duration of the packages vary according to the investment fund chosen. Times range are from 20 days, up to 40 days best packages.

How can I make my investment?

The safest and fastest way to do it is by transferring BTC to the wallet provided by the system when purchasing an investment package in one of our funds. You can also make your investment with PAYEER, or PERFECT MONEY.

Are several investment accounts per user allowed?

We only allow one investment account per user (registered email).

Can I be a DELTA IF representative in my country?

If you want to be a country representative and have the benefits that this entails (bonuses and special payments), contact us at our email: representatives@deltaif.com If you can not find an answer to your question here, contact us.